A Tree Book

I just got a new book I really love so I’m going to review it too.  Nothing to do with network marketing, it’s a book about trees. I love trees and this is Collins Complete Guide to British Trees.

Last week we had www.horshamtreesurgeons.co.uk chop down a couple of huge leylandii that stood either side of our drive. They had outgrown their welcome and cast a lot of shade garden, apart from the fact that lorries could no longer get in our drive! It was fascinating to watch them take down the trees and somehow it inspired me to find out more about the trees we have in our garden.

So I bought the Guide to British Trees and have spent a happy couple of days identifying just about every tree in our garden and paddock.

As well as two different types of oak tree, we have horse chestnuts, more leylandii, ash, hawthorn, blackthorn, ornamental cherry and a number of apple trees.  But there were also a couple more I had trouble identifying, so I have to do a bit more research.

It’s a lovely book, full of beautiful pictures of trees and so much interesting information, from the life cycles of trees and how to age trees, to lichens and mosses. Everything to do with trees seems to be talked about in the book.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about the trees that grow in our country. It’s definitely an encyclopaedia that deserves to take its place on your bookshelves.

I realise this is way off track and it’s hardly likely to be of use to those who want network marketing books.  But I have decided it’s worth adding a few random books when they come along and are worth a review.

But I promise the next book on the blog will definitely be on topic

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