The Greatest Networkers in the World

The Greatest Networkers in the World by John Milton Fogg

John Milton Fogg’ similarly titled book “The Greatest Networker in the World” sold over a million copies and remains one of the best-selling network marketing books ever. That was a work of fiction, however whereas the book reviewed here is true.

Here are the stories of 21 network marketing millionaires. They were ordinary people who came across the opportunitJohn Milton Fogy and by hard work and dedication they made fortunes.

None of the subjects of the book were destitute, living in a cardboard box, but they came from different walks of life, with different educational backgrounds and work experiences.

The message from the book is “If we can do it, so can you” and this book tells how they did it.

We all know that network marketing can prove life-changing, and these are the stories of how 21 people achieved it.

John Milton Fogg is an excellent writer and well known for editing a number of NWM magazines, including Upline. He tells these short stories with passion and punctuates the pages with pithy snippets. These are like mini headlines, designed to entice the reader to drop everything and continue reading his book.

And it works. This is a very readable work with stacks of interesting information and hundreds of useful tips. I reckon that anyone who read this book and put into practice 10% of the advice would make a successful network marketer.

It’s a book for people who don’t really like information books, but still want to learn.

One of the 21 is Lynn Allen-Johnson, whom I corresponded with for a while. Seemed a very nice and down-to-earth lady, but I think that normally applies to network marketing superheroes. They’re incredibly successful but generally it doesn’t go to their heads.

So I’d recommend this to anyone who likes reading, but unfortunately I couldn’t find an audio version

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