Network Marketing for Dummies

This is one in that massive series of “for Dummies” books. It is written by Zig Ziglar, who is one of the world’s best-known and best-loved network marketers. So they found a good author for this book.

As you can imagine, this book about network marketing contains just about everything you could ever want to know. And yet I’ve never heard or seen it recommended by my own company.  The book costs £15.99, which is pretty hefty for a book about our industry, but the content would fill three or four regular books, so I think it’s good value.

I’m checking out my copy now and it’s a bit brown around the edges, which makes me think I probably bought a used copy. Look out for these when you visit Amazon because lots of these books are being resold by disillusioned NWMers.

Back to the book.  As is normal in this series, they have “contents at a glance” and the book is broken into five parts as follows:

  • Why NWM works
  • Finding and evaluating opportunities
  • Signing up and setting up for success
  • Sales and marketing skills
  • The part of tens

The contents at a glance page breaks down the chapters in each part.

There follows a breakdown of the contents, so you can see what is in each chapter. I think this is a great idea as it enables you to find what you’re looking for without having to leaf through hundreds of pages. It’s a well tested format for the Dummy books.

Chapter one, for example, includes sections such as getting facts about network marketing, why it works, why to choose it as a career and reasons other than money.

Chapter two tells about the future of the industry and explains about pyramid and Ponzi schemes.

You can find the entire table of contents by going to Amazon and “looking inside” before you purchase the book, but I’ll continue with a brief outline so you can see what it contains.  You know the content is spot on because Zig Ziglar won’t get anything wrong!

Other chapters cover how to find opportunities and evaluate them and how to check out the company, their products, management team and the opportunity itself.

Part 3 is all about getting started the right way. How to organise your business, what to do at the beginning, for example, then it goes on to explain about sponsoring and training your team.

Part 4 is about sales and marketing, how to find customers and determine their value and the art of prospecting. There are lots of gems here, good value for any network marketer, new or seasoned. It also deals with the objection of many distributors that they don’t want to sell!

Part 5 is entitled The Part of Tens. It starts with resources for network marketers, but most of them seem to be for American audiences rather than for us in the UK. But there’s a lot of good stuff in part 5 too. Really it’s just a way of adding all the things that didn’t really fit into previous chapters. It includes things like FAQs and some psychology.

It’s definitely one for the serious network marketer and there’s lots of content that would help a newcomer.


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