John Kalench

John Kalench is one of my favourite NWM authors. Unfortunately he died at an early age, but what he gave our community during his lifetime was immense.

He said his aim was to have one million friends in MLM and I’m sure he achieved it.

One of my favourite books is 17 Secrets of the Master Prospectors. My main focus in my NWM career has always been to build the team. Anyone can get customers if they put their mind to it, but I’ve discovered over the years that many people think they can’t recruit, and so they often can’t!

It’s often a matter of attitude, like most things in our business. John Kalench has a great way of showing you how to master the art of recruiting new blood into your network. This book is interactive and has you thinking about what you want to achieve and how to do it. It teaches you the action steps to take.  It’s probably more for a networker with a little experience rather than the absolute beginner.

Being the Best you can be in MLM, however, is for everyone, even those who have just joined your team. It’s  about training your way to the top and another excellent book.

The book starts off helping you define your goals and purpose – and aren’t we always told this is the REASON you get motivated? He goes on to first steps and chapters about the products, before moving to prospecting, your presentation and following through. It really covers everything you need to be doing on a day-to-day basis and is written in an easy-to-read-style.

This book too has you completing exercises, forcing you to think about what you do and what you want. For example, one question asks “If I didn’t have to work for a living – what would I love to do?”

Of course this is cleverly designed to move you on to action.

These are both books I’d recommend, though the prospecting book I’d say is better for someone who has some experience, perhaps after a year or two in the business. Unless of course you have a team member who really loves to study network marketing – in which case get them reading it right now!


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