BrianI’m Brian Adams. In real life I’m more handsome than this picture of course, but it’s not that far away!

Everyone knows that I live and breathe network marketing, but alongside that I really enjoy personal development.

Put the two together and you can imagine that I love network marketing books. And I also like to have audio books in my library aka my car.  That way I can have a university on wheels, or so my sponsor tells me.

This website is to review network marketing books and audio books so my team can come here to find out what I think about them. I’m always being asked for my opinion, so now here’s a ready-made resource for everyone to read and share.

Hope you enjoy the reviews and agree with my assessments of some of these books.  On the whole I prefer reading to listening, but I agree that it’s efficient use of time to listen whilst driving, so I do it all the time.

If you have some favourites you’d like me to review, I’m Listening. Books or Audio – I’ll have a view.  So email me


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