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A Tree Book

I just got a new book I really love so I’m going to review it too.  Nothing to do with network marketing, it’s a book about trees. I love trees and this is Collins Complete Guide to British Trees.

Last week we had chop down a couple of huge leylandii that stood either side of our drive. They had outgrown their welcome and cast a lot of shade garden, apart from the fact that lorries could no longer get in our drive! It was fascinating to watch them take down the trees and somehow it inspired me to find out more about the trees we have in our garden. Continue reading A Tree Book

Jim Rohn

Jim RohnNot so much of an audio or book review to start my blog, rather a little about one of my network marketing heroes. Sadly no longer with us, Jim was a wonderful speaker and probably inspired millions of people around the globe.

Not everyone in the UK can relate to his accent and slow delivery, but even if that’s you, put aside your prejudices and listen to some of the wisdom of the man.  Much of what he says relates to life, not just to network marketing, and I’m sure absolutely everyone can benefit from his insights.

Many of his works are still on sale and I particularly like Building Your Network Marketing Business. You wonder whether Jim has been sitting on your shoulder watching your presentations and seeing the reaction of your team. He tells wonderful stories to illustrate his point: how you scatter the seeds and some get to fruition but along the way things happen and many times “the birds get them”.

After a few listens, you’ll start to remember some of his gems “don’t take that class….”  for example as he steers you away from negativity and stops you wondering why things happen.  It happens, move on!

Most of Jim’s work is in the form of audio CDs, although he has published a few books. One of my favourites is “An Inspired Life” which explores the principles anyone can adopt to achieve success in both their private and business lives.  I’d recommend this as a good read or as a gift as it’s a weighty hardback.  I’ll review the book properly in a later post.

Jim Rohn was a true leader and philosopher, who encouraged and inspired many of us to greater things. He lived a good life and certainly came across as a caring human being. I think he’s still sorely missed, especially in the network marketing community.


Looking forward to starting my new blog, once I have some time tomorrow.


Check back then just in case you came across it today x